Vilamoura Weather in May

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32mm/7 days

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Weather in Vilamoura in May

Average Temperature

May weather in Vilamoura is warm and sunny with an average of 18ºC (64ºF) during the month.  The maximum temperatures can reach 25ºC (77ºF) during the daytime and lows are in the mid-teens 14ºC (57ºF). As the month progresses the weather will get warmer usually hitting the mid-twenties or more in late May. The highest registered maximum temperature registered in Vilamoura was 36ºC in 2012. 


May is a usually a dry month in the Algarve with an average of only 32mm of rainfall over the month. The weather is fairly predictable during May and the occasional rain shower is usually short and skies quickly clear up. In 2020 Vilamoura had only two days of rainfall in May. 

Sunshine hours

You can look forward to long days of sunshine from May onwards. The average is 12 hours and the sun sets after 8pm, ideal for a sunset cocktail on the marina or at the beach. 

Sea Temperature

Vilamoura beaches will have an average sea water temperature of about 17ºC during May. On warmer days you can go for a refreshing dip in the ocean but this temperature is still not ideal for swimming. The beaches will still not have any lifeguards on duty – the beach season starts in June.

UV Index

UV Index in May is high and until end of September you should take extra precautions in the sun. Apply a high factor suncream (SPF30+), wear hat, sunglasses and UV bathing suits for kids.

What´s Vilamoura like in May

May is an excellent time to visit Vilamoura with warm, dry weather and busy enough to feel like summer but without the crowds. This is golf peak season in Vilamoura, most of the golf courses will be fully booked and pubs on the marina will be buzzing. Hotel occupancy in May in Vilamoura is usually around 70%, fairly busy but not full. Water parks and other summer attractions will be fully open by May but fairly quiet as Portuguese school holidays only start in Summer.

What to wear in May

During the day you can comfortably wear summer clothing and beach wear. Make sure to pack sunglasses, flip-flops and hats. For night time a light jacket is recommended. If you’re travelling with kids make sure to bring UV swim suits and other protection as the sun can be quite aggressive in May.

Things to do in Vilamoura in May

Vilamoura Events in May

  • 1st May – Labour Day (Public Holiday): in the Algarve locals celebrate this day by going out to eat snails. In most typical towns cafes will serve small plates of snails with toast and beer. Visit Quarteira to try the Caracois during the month of May
  • University of Faro Academic Week – concerts and some wild parties as students celebrate the end of the academic year in Faro
  •  2022 Events for May to be confirmed