I wasn’t born in Vilamoura or in the Algarve or even in Portugal, but after living in 3 countries and 6 towns, Vilamoura is where I call home. It has been a privilege to be able to live and work in this little resort town for the past 14 years and hopefully for many more to come.

Where is the bus stop to Albufeira? After 11 years of answering this question almost everyday, I decided to create a site with the answer. Why do I get asked this everyday? Because I have a small shop in Vilamoura opposite the bus stop to Albufeira, and because apparently Google doesn’t know. Obviously, it would be weird to create a website with only one topic so here we are, with a 40+ page website about Vilamoura. Most of the content on this site is an attempt to answer questions made by tourists in Vilamoura: what’s on in Vilamoura? where to get tickets for events? things to do…The idea was also to create a site specifically for people in Vilamoura: tourists, visitors or residents.

Invilamoura.com was launched in May 2021 during the COVID lock-down, a time when Vilamoura had no tourists and literally nothing was going on. It was difficult to find content for this site but it also meant I had more time to work on the site. Things finally started opening in the beginning of Summer, tourists returned and by October this little hobby site had had 20k page views. As I expected the Vilamoura Buses page is one of the most visited pages:)

Thank you for checking out invilamoura I hope you found what you were looking for.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions for the site via our contact form or visit us at:

Kiosk Fortuna