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city sightseeing algarve
City Sightseeing Algarve Bus – Vilamoura and Albufeira Route

Discover Albufeira and Vilamoura at your pace with City Sightseeing Algarve. Available from January to December, this popular bus tour is the perfect way to explore these two vibrant destinations. Get a 24-hour or 4-day ticket and hop on and off as many times as you want on either the blue or red route. Discover the charming Old Town, the bustling New Town, or take in the beauty of Albufeira Marina and Salgados beach. With over 40 stops, you’ll have the freedom to create your own itinerary and stay as long as you want at each stop.

city sightseeing algarve

Vilamoura-Albufeira Hop-on Hop-off Itinerary

You can hop on and off at any of the bus stops on the sightseeing bus from Vilamoura to Albufeira. The itinerary is divided into two routes the red line with 25 stops and blue line with 20 stops. Your ticket is valid for either route and you can change route where they overlap.

Map of the bus stops and routes

Blue Route: Vilamoura and Albufeira

From Vilamoura your hop on tour will start with the Blue Line. Stops 9-14 are exclusive to the Blue Route, to return to any of these stops (Vilamoura) you must get the the Blue Line/Route bus.

  1. Rua do Municipio
  2. Strip
  3. Santa Eulália Beach
  4. Alfagar
  5. Olhos de Água
  6. Olhos de Água Beach
  7. Pine Cliffs
  8. Açoteias
  9. Anantara Vilamoura Algarve Resort
  10. Pharmacy/Galp Petrol Station
  11. Avenida Tivoli / Kiosk Fortuna Ticket Shop
  12. Vilamoura Marina
  13. Av. Engenheiro João Meireles/Burger King
  14. Hilton Vilamoura
  15. Olhos de Água (North)
  16. Alfagar (North)
  17. Oura Beach
  18. Inatel Beach
  19. Pau da Bandeira (Albufeira Old Town)
  20. Albufeira Town Hall

Red Route: Albufeira

Bus stop 23 on the city sightseeing algarve: Albufeira Marina
Bus stop 23 on the red line: Albufeira Marina

Stops 14-25 are exclusive to the Red Route, all the other stops overlap with the Blue route and you can use either bus.

  1. Rua do Munícipio
  2. The Strip
  3. Santa Eulália
  4. Alfagar
  5. Olhos de Água
  6. Olhos de Água Beach
  7. Pine Cliffs
  8. Açoteias
  9. Olhos de Água (North)
  10. Alfagar (North)
  11. Oura Beach
  12. Inatel Beach
  13. Pau da Bandeira
  14. Albufeira Town Hall
  15. Market
  16. Herdade dos Salgados
  17. Salgados
  18. Praia Dos Sagrados – Lagoa
  19. Monte da Galé
  20. Galé
  21. Castelo Evaristo
  22. São Rafael Beach
  23. Albufeira Marina
  24. Rua 1° de Dezembro
  25. Avenida da Liberdade (Centro Antigo)


starting in Vilamoura

The best option is always to buy tickets at a kiosk or ticket agent. You’ll get free maps with the itinerary, detailed explanation on how the service works and also the correct timetables and updated information.

In Vilamoura the Kiosk Fortuna is an official agent and is conveniently located between stops 11 (near Jafers) and 12 (Vila Galé Marina Hotel). You can pay in cash, card or by phone app. The first bus starts at 10:50 from here and the kiosk opens at 10am.

Kiosk Fortuna: City Sightseeing Agent
Kiosk Fortuna Vilamoura (just before MacDonalds)

starting in Albufeira

At any City Sightseeing ticket agent in Albufeira, or book online.

24 Hour Ticket

The 24-hour hop on ticket is actually valid for 2 consecutive days. The hop-on tour bus runs until 5/6pm, not during the night.

Adults (12+): €25

Child (4-12): €12.50

Infant (<4): Free

4 Day Ticket

The 4-day ticket is valid for 4 consecutive days for both routes.

Adults (12+): €38

Child (4-12): €19

Infant (<4): Free

city sightseeing algarve

City Sightseeing Algarve Timetable

The buses come by every hour after the start time. Note the last bus of the day has a different timetable and also that the route (red or blue) will dictate the direction you will be travelling. The best thing is actually check with the driver when you get off when the next bus is coming or get the timetable at an official City sightseeing ticket shop.

Update on the hop-on hop-off timetables

updated 05.06.2024

– Blue Line is every 2 hours

Please check with a ticket agent for the sightseeing tour for the latest updates on times.

FAQ Vilamoura City Sightseeing Bus Tour

Does the Albufeira/Vilamoura hop-on bus run at night?

No. The last City Sightseeing bus returns from Albufeira to Vilamoura around 4.30 or 5pm depending on the season. Your 24-hour ticket is valid for 2 consecutive days though.

Where can I get a map of the City Sightseeing Bus in Vilamoura?

At Kiosk Fortuna official ticket seller for City Sightseeing Algarve (located between bus stop 11 and 12). Here you can get more info, free map and also purchase tickets. Open everyday except Sunday.

Can I visit the Albufeira market on the City Sightseeing bus?

From Albufeira, yes. The bus stop is number 15. If you are in Albufeira already you can easily get the red line to the market.
From Vilamoura, not really. You will get there at closing time, even taking the first tour you will get to the Old Town at about 11h40 and still have to wait to get the next red line bus to the market.

Can I use the hop on City Sightseeing bus to get to Zoomarine?

No. Zoomarine is located in Guia just outside Albufeira and is not on the route.

Is the Avenida Tivoli bus stop near the Tivoli Hotel?

No. Avenida Tivoli is the name of the road where you’ll find Jafers supermarket, Kiosk Fortuna, NOA Bistro and MacDonalds car park.

Do I have to use the ticket the day it is purchased?

No. You have 12 months to use the ticket from the purchase date.