Where to stay in Vilamoura

Vilamoura offers a wide variety of hotels or self-catering accommodation. The best place to stay in Vilamoura obviously depends on a few factors such as budget, type of holiday, type of accommodation, distance from marina or beach, travelling with kids and also the season.  

Peak season in the Algarve is mid-July and August, these 6-8 weeks are the busiest, hottest and most expensive periods to visit. If you plan on staying during this period make sure to book early – and book everything beforehand: hire cars, accommodation, activities…these weeks are insanely popular but not necessarily the best time to visit Vilamoura.¬†

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The Marina is the heart of Vilamoura and one of the most sought after areas for accommodation. By Marina Area we mean the actual marina and the surrounding road, the bars, restaurants and shops will literally be on your doorstep. 

There are actually only two hotels overlooking the harbour: The Domes Resort (former Lakes Resort) and the Tivoli Marina.

Apartments overlooking the Marina.

Vilamoura Beach

This is one of the best areas in Vilamoura for a holiday. Right on the beach, beautiful views and close enough to the marina without actually having to deal with crowds. In this area is the casino, the beach restaurants and you can walk down to Quarteira along the promenade. Most hotels are located in this area.

Marina Area

This is the area surrounding the marina – Avenida da Marina and Rua do Clube Nautico.

Falésia Beach

The Falésia Beach or the Rocha Baixinha Beach area is all about nature and there is only one hotel in this area. The Lake Resort is nestled between the Marina and access to the Falésia Beach.

Central Vilamoura (walking distance from Marina)

Just beyond the marina there are plenty of self-catering apartments with some shops and restaurants. 

Vilamoura Old Village

A popular misconception is that this is the historical centre of Vilamoura. The Old Village is actually a resort complex with self-catering apartments, swimming pools, kids playground, restaurants and other amenities. The apartment units are privately owned and most are rented out for holidays. It is located next to the Pinhal Golf Course about a 15-minute walk to the marina. This resort is very popular with families and golfers alike.

Golf Courses

Around the golf courses is where you will find the villas in Vilamoura. Peace, quiet, natural surroundings and some beautiful houses make these areas equally popular.
Pinhal – Located right next to the Hilton Resort.
Victoria  РHost the major events such as Masters and Portugal Open. Choose the Anantara Resort with direct access to the course.
Old Course

Outskirts of Vilamoura


The town is overdeveloped and crowded. Generally less expensive than Vilamoura but the quality and ambience is the complete opposite. The Aquashow Water Park and Hotel is the best hotel and great for families with teens and is located out of the town centre. In Quarteira you will also find the Dom José Beach Hotel right on the beach and the camping site also on the outskirts of town.

Vila Sol

Vila Sol appears on a number of sites as an area of Vilamoura. This is incorrect and is largely due to properties being listed (on rental sites and real estate agents) as being located in Vilamoura as it helps justify the price tag. Nevertheless, it is a great place to stay near Vilamoura. 

The Vila Sol is a luxury tourist complex located between Vilamoura and Quarteira and has a 5-star resort hotel, 27-hole golf course, tennis courts, shops, bars and restaurants. The best accommodation here is the Pestana Vila Sol or one of the Villas. You will require transportation to get to the marina or beach.

Type of Accommodation


Vilamoura has three resorts: the Hilton located about 2km for the marina and next to the Pinhal golf course, the Lake Resort nestled between the marina and the Falésia beach and the Anantara Resort on the Victoria Golf Course.

4 and 5-star Hotels

You will find most five-star hotels located near the Marina Beach. The Dom Pedro Hotels group, Crowne Plaza and Vila Galé are all situated in the area between the marina and Quarteira.

Budget Hotels and Hostels

Although Vilamoura is considered an upmarket resort you can still find a couple of hostels here. The IF Hostel next to the Hilton and the Victoria Hostel in central Vilamoura.


For large families and longer stay a luxury villa is a great choice for a holiday in Vilamoura. You can find Villas that accommodate up to 20 people and still in walking distance from the marina. The best however are located near the golf courses.


Apartments in the central area are abundant and really popular, ranging from studio apartments to 4 and 5 bedrooms. When searching note that the typology in Portugal is classified by the number of bedrooms. So a T1 apartment has one bedroom, one lounge, kitchen and bathroom, a studio is defined as T0.

Caravan Park

Vilamoura does not have a caravan site the closest is in Quarteira near the flea market market grounds. Note that in Portugal there are strict rules for caravans and the locations where they can set up base.

Location: Google Maps

Access hours: 24h
Office hours: 8:00 Р17:00 (closed for lunch at 12:30 .13:30) 

Park and overnight stay: 3‚ā¨ (24 hours) includes waste disposal
Water disposal: 2‚ā¨
100L water: 2‚ā¨
Electricity: 2‚ā¨ (24 hours)

For more info contact:
Quarteira Town Council
[email protected]
+351 289 315 235