Buses in Vilamoura

Vilamoura to Quarteira Green Line Bus
Vilamoura to Quarteira Green Line bus (note the buses on this line vary in colour and size, not always green)

The number of bus routes from Vilamoura to other major towns has increased in 2023. For years there were only four towns to which you can get a direct public bus to: Quarteira, Albufeira, Faro and Lisbon. 

New destinations in 2023 include: Almancil, OlhĂŁo, Tavira, Altura, Monte Gordo and Vila Real St. Antonio. The new Aero Bus also provides direct transport from Vilamoura to Faro Airport. All new routes can be consulted on the Vamus app or website.

For other destinations you need to change routes either at the Quarteira Bus Station or Albufeira Station.

Vilamoura to Quarteira Bus Routes

Green Line (Linha Verde)

For Vilamoura to Quarteira take the Green Line. These are smaller buses operated by the Loulé Municipality and very handy to get around Quarteira. There are only 5 stops in Vilamoura numbers 12 to 17 (same as 11). 

Important stops:

1. Quarteira Bus Station (get buses here to other towns) and connect to Red Line to Loulé train station
21. Quarteira Beach and Fish and Fruit Market
32. Quarteira Medical Centre (public)
38. Alsakia Roundabout (Wednesday Gypsy Market)

Vilamoura- Quarteira Green Line Route Map

Vilamoura Quarteira Bus Route
Source: LC Global

Schedules and bus stops for the Vilamoura Green Line (all year)

Vilamoura - Quarteira Green Line Schedule
Source: LC Global

Green Line Bus Night Service (July to 1st September only)

Where to buy bus tickets for the Vilamoura - Quarteira route (Green Line)

At the time of writing this bus is free of charge. Tickets can bought on all public buses.

White Line (Summer only)

Summer only – ends 31st August

During the Summer months the White Line Bus (Linha Branca) also operates between Vilamoura and Quarteira.  This Line is similar to the Green Line and also operates at night. During 2021 this service is also free.

Schedules and bus stops for the Vilamoura White Line (Summer only)

Vilamoura Linha Branca - White Line Bus

Bus Tickets for the Vilamoura White Line

Free during 2021

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Land Trains in Vilamoura

Another alternative for a fun, cheap transport within Vilamoura is the land train. These trains are operated by a local company and are available from Spring to Autumn. There are 14 stops in Vilamoura and you can opt for hop-on hop-off, one ride or weekly tickets. 

Delgaturis Train Tickets (Red Trains)

Vilamoura Tourist Trains

Vilamoura to Albufeira Bus Routes

Route 9: Faro -Albufeira

EVA buses operate the routes between major towns in the Algarve. To get to Albufeira you have two routes from Vilamoura:

Bus Route 9: Faro – Albufeira (via Quarteira)

Bus from Vilamoura to Faro or Albufeira
Source: eva-bus.com

Route 8: Rocha Baixinha - Albufeira

Buses in Vilamoura

If you plan to visit and explore Albufeira, you can also use the Hop-on Bus. Very convenient and covers all the important spots in Albufeira. More information on our Day Trips page.

Where to buy bus tickets

EVA buses: Purchase your tickets on the bus or at a station.
City Sightseeing Tours Albufeira and Vilamoura: click here

Vilamoura, Albufeira and Olhos de Água Hop-on City Sightseeing Bus

The City Sightseeing Bus is an open-top bus that runs daily in Vilamoura (Blue Line) and Albufeira (Red Line), hop-on and off at any of the 45 stops along the route. The 24-hour ticket is valid for 2 days as this bus does not run at night. Places of interest include Albufeira Old Town, the beaches (Oura, St Eulalia, Pescadores, São Rafael and more), Albufeira Marina and the Pau da Bandeira viewpoint. 

Vilamoura to Faro Bus Route

To get to Faro you have one route available:
Bus Route 9: Albufeira to Faro (via Quarteira)

Bus from Vilamoura to Faro or Albufeira
Source: eva-bus.com

Where to buy bus tickets

Purchase your tickets on the bus.

Quarteira Bus Station to Mar Shopping/IKEA - New route 2022

In 2022 you can now get a direct bus to the Mar Shopping Complex in Faro. Route no. 2 runs from the bus station in Quarteira and takes about 25 minutes to the shopping centre. 

From Quarteira Bus Station (any day including week-ends):

From Mar Shopping (any day including week-ends):

Source: Vamus Algarve (2022) – visit the Vamus website for more info on route. A new app has also been launched which you can use to check times and buy e-tickets. We have tested the app and unfortunately some of the functionalities do not work – you can download the app on the Vamus Algarve website. 

Vilamoura to Lisbon Buses

There are daily buses to Lisbon from Vilamoura operated by various companies:
– Rede Expressos
– Mundial Turismo Buses
– Renex
– Private tour buses

Where to buy bus tickets for the Vilamoura - Lisbon buses

Purchase tickets online on the Busbud site. Here you can easily compare all the companies operating the Vilamoura – Lisbon route. Rede Expresso tickets can be bought at the IntermarchĂ© Supermarket near the Galp station.

Private bus tours to Lisbon

You can alternatively join one of the bus tours to Lisbon. These are usually full-day tours and can be booked via any of the main tour sellers: Viator e or Musement (TUI).

Bus stop for the Vilamoura-Lisbon route

The main bus stops for the buses arriving or departing Vilamoura are located near Burger King (Posto 2). There are stops on either side of the road, arrivals get off at the Galp Station and departures on the opposite road (leaving Vilamoura). If you’re not sure check with the ticket office in the IntermarchĂ© Supermarket.

Vilamoura to Loulé Bus Route

There is no direct route to Loulé from Vilamoura, only from Quarteira Bus Station. Read more here.

Bus Stops in Vilamoura

We have created this google map to show all the bus stops in Vilamoura.  Names and other information has been intentionally left out to better illustrate the bus stops. Zoom in and click on a bus top icon to reveal name.