Vilamoura to Seville Tours

Embark on one of the Vilamoura to Seville Tours, an exciting day trip to the vibrant capital of Andalusia. The wealth of historical and cultural treasures make Seville an ideal day trip from Vilamoura, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience.

Vilamoura to seville tour

Seville City Tour and Shopping

The Seville City Tour and Shopping excursion is a full day guided tour departing at 6am from Vilamoura and returning around 7pm. Read on about the main attractions you will visit during the full day tour.

Highlights of the excursion

Royal Alcazar Palaces

The Real Alc√°zar stands as the oldest continually used royal palace in Europe, serving as a current residence for Spain’s royal family during their visits to Seville. This architectural marvel comprises a collection of palaces constructed across various historical periods, with its roots tracing back to the tenth century. Notably, King Pedro I of Castile played a pivotal role in shaping its history, commissioning the construction of the Mud√©jar palace, which stands as the central and principal building of this historic complex.

Plaza de Espa√Īa

Vilamoura to seville tour

The Plaza de Espa√Īa stands as a symbolic monument in the city, crafted by the architect An√≠bal Gonz√°lez. Constructed with striking brickwork and adorned with beautiful ceramic panels, this grand palace square spans an impressive 50,000 square meters. Serving as the central hub for the Latin American Exhibition of 1929, it remains an essential landmark in Seville. Another must-visit is the expansive Maria Luisa Park, sprawling across 340,000 square meters. Renowned for its botanical richness, the park hosts a diverse array of plant species, adding to its natural allure and making it a compelling destination within the city.

Catedral de Santa María de la Sede and Giralda

Vilamoura to seville tour

The Catedral de Santa Mar√≠a de la Sede stands as the world’s largest Gothic church and ranks as the third-largest globally, surpassed only by St. Peter’s in the Vatican and St. Paul’s in London. Initiated in the fifteenth century on the grounds of the primary Almohad mosque, this monumental structure preserves remnants of its predecessor, including the iconic Giralda, once a minaret and now a symbol synonymous with the city.

District of Santa Cruz

Vilamoura to seville tour

The Barrio de Santa Cruz, once the Jewish quarter of Seville, is steeped in historical significance. Within this ancient district, notable landmarks include the Alcazar Palace and the adjacent Giralda Tower of the Cathedral (which you will also visit on this tour). Navigating through the maze of narrow cobble streets and alleys, visitors can enjoy the offerings of numerous restaurants and charming squares. Today, this district serves as the vibrant tourist hub and heart of Seville’s old town.

Vilamoura to seville tour

Where to get tickets for the Seville City Tour from Vilamoura

Local agent in Vilamoura

Kiosk Fortuna in Vilamoura is your local agent for this tour. Get all the info you need, pay by card or cash and also check-out other tours available. Kiosk Fortuna will also help choose the best place to reserve your pick-up for the trip – especially useful if you’re staying in private accommodation.

Ticket price per adult: ‚ā¨54pp


You can also reserve this tour online via the Get Your Guide website using the button below. Prices are from ‚ā¨54pp.

Tour dates

Summer: tba Winter: Available every Friday

Map of Seville

Vilamoura to seville tour

You can also download this tourist map of Seville from the official tourism board site for Seville.

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FAQ about the Seville City Tour from Algarve

How far in advance do I have to book this tour?

Minimum one day in advance, ideally as early as possible. Hotel/accommodation pick-ups have to be organised by the operator or agent beforehand.