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Area/Resort: Vilamoura
Town: Quarteira
Municipality: Loulé
District: Faro
Region: Algarve

Language: Portuguese. English is widely spoken throughout the Algarve.

Currency: Euro

International Dialling Code: +351

Population: Permanent residents 11 000

Nearest airport: Faro International Airport (FAO)

Resort infrastructure management: Inframoura (co-owned by the Municipality of Loulé and Vilamoura World)

Marina owners and management: Vilamoura World

Golf Courses: 5 owned and managed by Dom Pedro Hotels and Golf

Beaches: Praia da Rocha Baixinha (commonly referred to as Falésia Beach) and Praia da Marina (also referred to as Praia de Vilamoura)


EU Emergency Number – 112

For any type of emergency in Portugal (or the EU) dial this number.

The police force in Vilamoura and Quarteira is the GNR. 

GNR – Guarda Nacional Republicana
Address: Rua das Amoreiras, 8125-470 
Phone: +351 289 381 780
Emergency: 112

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Ambulance: call emergency number 112

Main Hospital:
Faro Public Hospital 
Address: Rua Leão Penedo, Faro
Phone: +351 289 891 000

Health Clinics in Vilamoura:
Vilamoura International Clinic (Private)
Address: Avenida Tivoli
Phone: +351 289 31 42 43

Vilamoura Private Clinic Grupo HPA
Address: Rua das Amoreiras, nº 1
Phone: +351 282 420 400

Pharmacies in Vilamoura:
Farmácia Silva
Avenida João Meireles (near the Galp Petrol Station)

Covid - Where to get a PCR test in Vilamoura

For those travellers requiring a Covid PCR test the Vilamoura International Clinic provides this service. Results are guaranteed to be delivered between 24 to 36 hours after the test. The test must be pre-booked we advise that you reserve this as soon as you know your dates.

Either visit the Clinic on Avenida Tivoli or call to book test. The cost is €100.

Vilamoura International Clinic (Private)
Address: Avenida Tivoli Edificio Alcharb
Phone: +351 289 31 42 43
Cost: €100

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Vilamoura Catholic Church - Igreja Nossa Senhora da Alegria

Vilamoura has one Catholic Church situated in Central Vilamoura on the main road to Quarteira. Mass is translated to English on Sundays at 11h00.

All Year: 11h00 on Sundays and Holidays
July and August: Everyday at 19h30 and Sundays also at 11h00

Contacts: +351 289 312 223

Duty Free Allowance after Brexit - Tobacco and Alcohol

For travellers from Great Britain the allowances for duty free have changed due to Brexit. Northern Ireland remains essentially the same as before. Be sure to check the government site for complete details:
Arriving in Great Britain
Arriving in Northern Ireland

Summary for travellers arriving in Great Britain (source:

Alcohol allowance
How much you can bring depends on the type of alcohol. You can bring in:
– beer : 42 litres
– wine (not sparkling): 18 litres

You can also bring in either:
– spirits and other liquors over 22% alcohol – 4 litres
– fortified wine (for example port, sherry), sparkling wine and alcoholic drinks up to 22% alcohol – 9 litres

Tobacco allowance
You can bring in one from the following:
– 200 cigarettes
– 100 cigarillos
– 50 cigars
– 250g tobacco
– 200 sticks of tobacco for electronic heated tobacco devices

You can split this allowance – so you could bring in 100 cigarettes and 25 cigars (both half of your allowance).

You may declare goods online before returning to Great Britain – all the information is on the official page here.

Public Holidays 2021

The municipal holiday for Vilamoura (and whole of Loulé municipality) is Dia da Espiga celebrated 40 days after Easter Sunday. This year the holiday falls on Thursday 13th May. 

There are a further 14 public holidays in 2021 in Portugal. These dates affect mainly public services such as transportation, post offices or banks. New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, Easter Sunday and Labour Day are the only four days when supermarkets and shopping centres close. 

Christmas Day is the most important family holiday in Portugal and everything closes.

1 Jan – New Year’s Day
2 Apr – Good Friday
4 Apr – Easter Sunday
25 Apr – Liberation Day
1 May – Labour Day
3 Jun – Corpus Christi
10 Jun – National Day
15 Aug – Assumption Day
5 Oct – Republic Day
1 Nov – All Saints’ Day
1 Dec – Independence Restoration Day
8 Dec – Immaculate Conception
25 Dec – Christmas Day