Loulé Market Guide

Loulé Municipal Market

Mercado Municipal de Loulé

loule historic market
Loulé Historic Market

Loulé Municipal Market is located in the centre of town, not to be confused with the weekly Loulé Gypsy Market (different location). This beautiful historical building is 112 years old and houses the charming indoor market, opens everyday except Sunday and some public holidays.  

Locals visit the 29 shops and 90 stalls to purchase fresh fish, seafood, vegetables and other regional produce. The neo-arab architecture and location make this a very popular venue and a ‘must-see’ for tourists visiting the town.

Promotional video celebrating the 110th anniversary of the historic Loulé Market. 

What can you buy at the Loulé Market?

Regional products sold at market
Typical regional products sold at markets in the Algarve
  • bread, pastries and cakes
  • regional sweets
  • wines and liquors
  • gourmet and regional products
  • spices
  • souvenirs
  • flowers
  • pottery
  • textiles
  • fresh fish and seafood
  • fresh and cured meat

Best day to visit the Municipal Market

Saturday morning. The market extends its stalls outdoors to the Farmers Market and the Gypsy Market is also an easy 10 minute walk away.

Start at the outdoor Gypsy Market, walk up to Municipal Market, have lunch in the old town and visit the Loulé Castle.

Opening Hours

Municipal Market
Monday to Saturday 07h00 to 14h00
Closed on Sunday and some public holidays

Farmers Market
Every Saturday 07h00 to 13h00

Gypsy Market
Every Saturday 08h00 to 14h00

What else is there to do near the market?

Loulé has a fair amount of traditional restaurants, shops and cafés in this area. Also nearby, you will find the Loulé Castle, Museum and a beautiful tiny church nearby.  

Loulé Farmers Market

On Saturdays the Municipal Market really comes to life, regional farmers bring their produce to Loulé and the market spills out to the adjacent roads.

Farmers markets Portugal

Loulé Gypsy Market

Loulé Gypsy Market is also held every Saturday near the church. Very similar to the Quarteira Gypsy Market where you can purchase clothes, shoes, cork items and souvenirs. If you have been to the Quarteira market you might want to give this one a miss, its smaller and the vendors are the same.

What can you buy at the Gypsy Market?
  • souvenirs
  • clothes and linen
  • handbags and wallets
  • shoes 
  • belts and hats

Visit the Loulé Castle

The town of Loulé, originally al-Ûlyã in arab, is the largest inland town in the region and dates back to the 2nd century. The Loulé Castle site was originally a roman military fortification and occupied in 715 by the Moors. It was definitively occupied in 1249 by D. Paio Peres Correia and in 1268 the castle was reconstructed and expanded by D. Afonso III. 

Loule castle near the municipal market
Castle near the Loulé Market

During the earthquakes of 1755 and 1969 the castle was severely damaged and despite the impressive exterior, not much remains of the original castle. The 3 towers within the cordon of walls and the remnants of the alcaldaria (governor’s residence) are original. Restoration on the monument began in the 19th century and the castle now houses the Loulé Archaeological Museum.

Loulé Castle courtyard

You can visit the castle and exhibit from Tuesday to Saturday, and it should take about half an hour to see the monument. There is a nominal entrance fee of €1.60 (free for children and seniors 65+). It is a pleasant mini-tour and well worth the great views of the town.

Our Lady of the Conception Hermitage

Ermida de Nossa Senhora da Conceição

Loule Market
Ermida de Nossa Senhora da Conceição. Source: https://geoparquealgarvensis.pt

Just across from the Castle entrance is this tiny, beautiful 17th century hermitage. Exquisitely decorated with gold gilding, detailed altar carvings and hand-painted Azulejo tiles depicting biblical scenes. Entrance is free, so just step in for a few minutes and have a look around.

How to get from Vilamoura to the Loulé Market

Drive – Loulé is only 15km (9,2mi) away from Vilamoura.An easy drive but hard to park especially on Saturdays.

Loulé Municipal Market and Farmers Market
R. José Fernandes Guerreiro 34
Map and Directions

Loulé Gypsy Market
N270 (National Road 270) 12
Map and Directions

Bus – there are no direct buses to Loulé from Vilamoura. You will need to get to Quarteira Bus Station and take the bus from there (8h30 bus would be the best to have enough time to visit)

Loulé Market Tours from Vilamoura

An organised tour is a fun and convenient way of visiting the Loulé Market, the following tours all have hotel pick-up from Vilamoura.