Best Vilamoura Steakhouses

Best Steakhouses in Vilamoura

Every restaurant you visit in Vilamoura will probably have a steak option on the menu, but only a few can be considered steakhouses. Here is our list of what we consider the best steakhouses in Vilamoura, these are specialised restaurants that offer quality, good service and the best locations.

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Pepper’s Steakhouse – Vilamoura Marina

Pepper’s Steakhouse probably has the best view of all the restaurants listed here, located in the Tivoli Marina Hotel with a balcony overlooking the Marina. This steak restaurant is more of a fine dining experience with a dedicated sommelier, elegant decor and 5-star hotel standards. Pepper’s is a perfect choice if you prefer an exclusive ambience and stunning views. Make sure to reserve a table especially during high season as this restaurant is often fully booked.

Peppers steakhouse vilamoura

Location: Vilamoura Marina (Tivoli Hotel)
Decor: elegant
View: 1st floor overlooking the marina
Outdoor area: yes
Open: all year

Rare Steakhouse Restaurant – Vilamoura Marina

Rare is one of the best restaurants on the marina and an amazing steakhouse. The location offers fabulous views over the marina where you can opt for outdoor or indoor seating. The decor can be described as industrial chic with an open kitchen where you can observe the chefs preparing your meal. Rare Steakhouse is best known for its aged premium cuts, wood fire grilled meat boards and African rice side dish.

Rare Steakhouse Vilamoura

Location: Vilamoura Marina
Decor: modern industrial look
View: great
Outdoor area: deck area overlooking boats
Kids menu: no
Open: All year
Vegetarian Options: No
Menu: Rare Steakhouse website

Prime Steakhouse – Vilamoura Marina

Located in the heart of the marina Prime Steakhouse is another great choice for meat lovers. Modern decor with an indoor area and outdoor deck area right next to the water. Prime Steakhouse is known for its meat and seafood choices and also for the extensive selection of cocktails.

Prime Steakhouse

Location: Vilamoura Marina
Decor: modern
View: deck next to the water
Outdoor area: yes
Open: Opens 1st February 2022
Menu: n/a

Don Toro Angus Steak Restaurant-Vilamoura Marina

The Don Toro Steakhouse located right at the entrance to the marina (adjacent to the Tivoli Hotel) has been a popular choice since 2006. Out of the 4 marina steakhouses we mention in this article, the Don Toro Angus is the more casual choice and considered great value for money. This charming restaurant serves a variety of meat dishes, some vegetarian options like the Quinoa Burger and also a kids menu.

Don Toro Angus Steakhouse Vilamoura

Location: Vilamoura Marina entrance
Decor: charming
View: small decked area facing the Tivoli Marina
Outdoor area: yes
Open: Opens 15th February 2022
Menu: Don Toro Angus Steakhouse FB page

Retinto Brazilian Rodizio – Central Vilamoura

The Retinto Restaurant is located just behind the marina and is the only Brazilian Rodizio in Vilamoura. This family run restaurant is very popular with the locals and for anyone that enjoys an all-you-can-eat experience. You can choose either the a la carte menu or the Rodizio which includes an assortment of meats and side dishes for a set price per person.

Retinto Steakhouse Vilamoura

Location: Rua da Botelha (near Europcar)
Decor: traditional
View: patio area with various restaurants
Outdoor area: yes
Open: All year


Where can I eat a Wagyu beef in Vilamoura?

Pepper’s Steakhouse in the Tivoli Marina serves Wagyu Beef.

Which steakhouse in Vilamoura has the best view?

Pepper’s Steakhouse in the Tivoli Marina Hotel has the best view from the terrace.

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