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Vilamoura Beach Restaurants

There’s no better place to relax and recharge than on a gorgeous beach. And, what better way to enjoy your favourite meal than by the sea while watching the sunset? We’ve compiled a list of our top picks for Vilamoura Beach Restaurants. These places are literally on the beach, either the Falésia or the Marina Beach. From fresh seafood and grilled fish to tapas and Thai cuisine, we have something for everyone. Check out our recommendations below!

Purobeach Club – Vilamoura Marina BeachWh

Purobeach is the most trendy and exclusive beach club in Vilamoura. You can opt for a day at the beach club on the marina beach or enjoy cocktails poolside with friends while relaxing in the Tivoli Hotel gardens. Whether in the sea or in the pool, Purobeach is the ultimate beach experience.

The Beachfront is open from April to November with extended hours in the summer. The Purobeach restaurant and bar on the beach offers modern cuisine, sophisticated decor, resident DJs, Balinese beds and sun loungers.

Thai Beach Club – Falésia Beach

vilamoura beach restaurants
Typical Sunday at the Thai Beach Club

The Thai Beach Club is the first restaurant on the Falesia Beach. This is the first place we would recommend if someone asked for good food, fabulous party vibe and amazing sea views.

Sunday and Friends at the Thai Beach Club is legendary. There is nothing traditional about this Sunday lunch that usually carries on into the night with live music or DJ’s.

Check out the Thai Beach Club Menu and their photo gallery.

My.Al.Mar – Tapas by the Sea – Falésia Beach

vilamoura beach restaurants

My.Al.Mar is a beach bar and tapas restaurant managed by the Hilton Vilamoura but accessible to anyone. With its modern decor, beautiful views over the Atlantic Ocean and excellent service, it’s the perfect place to relax with a cocktail in hand.

You can stop by for the tapas menu, a poke bowl, drinks or a full meal. The menu is a mix of mediterranean and local flavours with a modern twist.

Open during the summer season – May to October daily from 9.30am to 6pm. For more info contact the Hilton Vilamoura.

Gomes na Praia Restaurant – Falésia Beach

Cataplana Dish served at Gomes na Praia Vilamoura

Next on our list, as we travel along Falesia Beach towards Albufeira, is Gomes na Praia. This is your typical Portuguese restaurant perfect for casual dining with a beautiful beachside view.

Gomes na Praia offers an extensive menu including the famous “Cataplana”, fish, seafood, meat and salads.

Open during the summer season (2022 dates to be confirmed) for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.

Gomes na Praia Menu (Facebook Page)

NoSoloÁgua Vilamoura – Falésia Beach

vilamoura beach restaurants

NoSoloÁgua Vilamoura opened its doors to the public in 2001, and it has been an instant hit ever since. The club is located on the gorgeous Falésia beach with views of the Atlantic Ocean, and their team has mastered how to make you feel like you’re living your best life.

The No Solo menu is snack based including sushi, gourmet burgers, salads and wraps. A great choice for lunch or late afternoon before the party starts.

During the summer NoSoloÁgua features live DJs and wild sunset parties, the perfect way to end the day. The Água Qlub is also part of the same group with a similar concept and located on the marina beach.

Restaurante Rocha Baixinha – Falésia Beach

vilamoura beach restaurants

Rocha Baixinha Restaurant is one of the most popular beachfront restaurants with Vilamoura locals. Located just at the start of the dramatic red cliffs and Falésia walking trail right on the beach.

This is the place to go for fresh grilled fish, fresh seafood or just a snack. The menu is extensive and caters for all tastes. Check out the menu and prices for Rocha Baixinha Restaurant here. The wine, cocktail and drinks menu can be found here.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner all year round. This is really a popular place and we recommend that you reserve a table.

Rocha Baixinha Beach Restaurant
Sitio da Rocha Baixinha, Falésia Olhos de Água
8200-379 Vilamoura
+351 289 037 289
[email protected]

Búzios Beachclub – Vilamoura Marina Beach

vilamoura beach restaurants
vilamoura beach restaurants

The Búzios Beachclub is another traditional Portuguese beach restaurant in Vilamoura. Located just after the Purobeach Club on the Marina Beach. If you’re looking for a casual, relaxing atmosphere with great fish and seafood this place is a great choice.

Casa da Praia -Vilamoura Marina Beach

vilamoura beach restaurants
vilamoura beach restaurants

The Casa da Praia Restaurant is located a short walk from the marina on the beach in front of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Like all the other Vilamoura beach restaurants the sea and beach views are uninterrupted.

The Casa da Praia menu offers a wide range of seafood and fish options, as well as, snacks and light meals. The cuisine is traditional Portuguese and the setting is casual.

Água Qlub Vilamoura – Vilamoura Marina Beach

vilamoura beach restaurants
vilamoura beach restaurants
vilamoura beach restaurants

The Água Qlub Vilamoura is the last beach club you’ll find on the Marina Beach before reaching Quarteira. This restaurant and bar also belongs to the same owners as NoSoloÁgua Vilamoura on the Falésia beach but this venue is a little more sophisticated.

The Qlub opened in 2020 and hasn’t quite had time to establish a reputation yet. It does however has everything to be be a fabulous beach club: beautiful asian-inspired decor, rooftop views, great menu, live music or Dj’s in the summer and a beach lounge with Balinese beds and loungers.

Água Qlub Menu

Which is the most exclusive beachfront restaurant in Vilamoura?

The Purobeach Club on Vilamoura Marina Beach is the most exclusive of all the restaurants listed here and also one of the best beach clubs in the Algarve.

Which Vilamoura beach restaurants offer sushi?

The following beach restaurants serve sushi:
Água Qlub Vilamoura

Which Vilamoura beach restaurants serve Cataplana?

For a typical Cataplana try:
Gomes na Praia
Casa da Praia
Rocha Baixinha
Buzios Beach Club

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