Vilamoura Weather in March



Temp. High

19ºC /66ºF

Temp. Low

10ºC /50ºF


8 hr


39mm/6 days

UV Index


Weather in Vilamoura in March

Average Temperature

Spring finally arrives in Vilamoura in March. High daytime temperatures average out at 19ºC, so not unusual to get some warm days in the low twenties. Nights are still chilly around 10ºC (50ºF).


There is a chance of catching some rain during Spring in the Algarve but its usually just a few showers that clear up fairly quickly. Rainy days average at 6 days during the month of March.

Sunshine hours

8 hours of sunshine and a few more of daylight make for very pleasant long Spring days. Clocks go forward one hour at the end of the month and from here onwards things start to heat up.

Sea Temperature

Is the sea water warm enough for swimming in March? Unfortunately, no. The average sea temperature is 16ºC which is still considered dangerously low for casual swimmers. With temperatures rising as high as 18ºC you can definitely spend some time on the beach and even get a tan, but for swimming best to choose heated pools during this month.

UV Index

UV Index during March is 5 which is a high medium and protection is required. A minimum SPF15 is recommended, ideally use a SPF of 30. An easy way to determine the UV index during the day is by looking at your shadow. When your shadow is taller than you, UV index is likely to be lower. Inversely, if your shadow is shorter than you then UV exposure is usually higher.

What´s Vilamoura like in March

March is the start of the holiday mid-season for the Algarve. Bars, restaurants and local businesses will mostly all be open by then. It is mid-season for golf so expect it to start getting lively in the marina pubs. It is a great time to visit if you want to avoid the stifling heat and summer crowds. Portugal will celebrate Carnival during March (some years late February) but these festivities have little impact on tourist numbers in Vilamoura unlike Loulé which hosts Carnival Parades and various festivities. Carnival will be celebrated on 1st of March in 2022.

What to wear in March

If the weather in March is dry and you’re out in the sun then you can comfortably wear light clothes such as a t-shirt and shorts. In the shade or at night the temperature can be really chilly so pack some layers. Although you might get some rainy days there is no need to pack umbrellas or waterproof clothing. 

Things to do in Vilamoura in March

  • Beach and sunbathing
  • Golf
  • Day Trips
  • Jeep Safari
  • Wine Tastings
  • Shopping: visit Mar Shopping or one the weekly markets
  • 1st March – Carnival Parade (Loulé)
  • Hop-on Bus to Albufeira
  • Cycling and other outdoor activities
  • Rent a car and explore The Algarve

Events in Vilamoura during March