Vilamoura Weather in September

Temperature High

27ºC (80ºF)

Temperature Low

18ºC (64ºF)


9 hours


15mm/2 days

UV Index


Weather in Vilamoura in September

Average Temperature in September

September is the last month of summer in Vilamoura, and it’s the perfect time to enjoy the sunshine before autumn sets in. The average temperature ranges from 18-27ºC (64-80ºF) with a few days above 30°C (86ºF). The average high temperature is practically the same as August so a great time to hit the beach.


The average rainfall in Vilamoura during the month of September is only 15mm and during 2 days. It rarely rains for more than a few hours on any given day and the skies generally clear up after a few hours. Visitors are sure to enjoy this area regardless if it rains or not.

Sunshine hours

The Algarve region of Portugal has the highest amount of sunshine in Europe, making September a perfect time to visit. Vilamoura’s 9 hours of sun each day is perfect for golfers and couples who want a warm getaway with plenty of activities.

Sea Temperature

In September, the average water temperature in Vilamoura is a 21°C (69.8°F) similar to August. The average sea water temperature varies along the month depending on currents and other factors.


The Algarve averages a relative humidity of 68% which might make it fell warmer than it is. Be sure to pack light clothing.

UV Index

Average UV Index in Vilamoura is a 7, this is considered high and means it could take only 15-25 minutes to burn your skin (obviously varies by skin type). Sunscreen SPS 30 or more, sunglasses, cover up and hat is highly recommended. Also avoid sun between 11am and 5pm.

What is Vilamoura like in September and is it a good time to visit?

September is the best month to enjoy Vilamoura. The Portuguese traditionally take summer holidays in July and August, so by September the crowds and queues thin out. The weather is fantastic, prices drop and golf season starts.

What to wear in September

Pack summer clothing, beach wear and light clothes for the day time. Hat and sunglasses are a must as is a light jacket for the evenings. 

Who visits Vilamoura in September

September is probably the locals’ favourite month. The weather is similar to August but the crowds have thinned out, kids have gone back to school and the traffic vastly improves. During this month you will probably encounter golfers, young couples with pre-school kids and slightly also older tourists.

Things to do in Vilamoura in September

Everything is open in September the most popular activities can be found here:

Vilamoura Events in September