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Loule Saturday Markets

Loulé Saturday Markets

The historical Loulé indoor market is open everyday day except Sunday but it really comes to life on Saturday when the farmers’ and gypsy markets are held. It really is worth visiting Loulé on a Saturday morning, the indoor markets is one of the top markets in the Algarve attracting tourists and visitors from all over the region.

There are 3 distinct markets on Saturdays in Loulé:

Indoor or Municipal Market (town centre): Everyday except Sunday

Farmers´ Market (just outside the municipal market): Saturdays only

Gypsy Market (west Loulé 15 min walk from indoor market): Saturdays only

The Loulé Municipal Market is an authentic Portuguese market where locals shop everyday and one of the most beautiful indoor markets in the Algarve. The market has significant historical value and is an important landmark in Loulé. The Farmers Market is held on the adjacent roads on Saturdays.

The Loulé Gypsy Market is a short walk from the indoor market, traditional cobbled streets of Loulé and castle. It is a typical Algarve outdoor flea  market where you can buy linen, shoes, handbags, leather goods and cork items. If you love to haggle and are looking for some cheap knock offs you will probably love it. If you’re looking for a cultural experience we suggest giving the gypsy market a miss and going straight to the Loulé Indoor Market.


11 Dec 2021


8:00 am - 2:00 pm




Loulé Municipal Market

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