Vilamoura Weather in February


13ÂșC /55ÂșF

Temp. High

17ÂșC /63ÂșF

Temp. Low

8ÂșC /47ÂșF


7 hrs


72mm/5 days

UV Index


Weather in Vilamoura in February

Average Temperature in February

The weather in Vilamoura during February is very similar to January, slightly warmer and drier. The average monthly temperature is 13ÂșC (55ÂșF), with highs of 17ÂșC (63ÂșF) and lows of 8ÂșC (47ÂșC) at night. You can enjoy warm, sunny days in the Algarve until about 5pm, then the temperature starts to drop and be a bit chilly.


In February rainfall decreases and the average number of rainy days is 5 days, a bit drier than January. You should always expect some rain in the winter in Vilamoura but usually most days will be dry and sunny.

Sunshine hours

Finally the days get a bit longer in February and you can enjoy about 7 hours of sunshine. Sunny days in February are great for a long walk and breakfast on the Falésia Beach or a day trip to explore the Algarve. 

Sea Temperature

Similar to January the sea temperature in February in the Algarve is quite cold (15ÂșC) and swimming is not advised. 

UV Index

UV Index during February increases to 4 and you might require some sun protection.

WhatÂŽs Vilamoura like in February

Vilamoura is fairly quiet in February. Although it is less likely to rain and a bit warmer the hotel prices are as cheap as in January. The golf courses will start to see some action before the golf season starts in March. You can get some really good deals for The Algarve during this month. 

What to wear in February

Expect cold nights and possibly some rainy days. General rule in the Algarve is always wear layers as you can experience all four seasons in 24 hours during the winter months.

Things to do in Vilamoura in February

Vilamoura Events in February